Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire Game is one of the most amazing card versions of Solitaire free online. The Klondike Solitaire Free Online Game is launched for a single player that contains 52 playing cards in the game. In Klondike Solitaire Online, the object is to set the four suit (Diamond, Clubs, Hearts, Spades) cards in ascending order “Ace to King”.

What is Klondike Solitaire?

For playing free online Klondike Solitaire you’ve to follow some rules and apply some tricks to win the card game. The objective of Klondike Solitaire Free is the same as some other variants – move all cards to the foundation piles in the appropriate order to win.

You can also use the undo function if you take a wrong move.

If you’re playing Klondike Solitaire Online then you can simply drag the cards and move them in the tableau you wish to place the card.

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How to play Klondike Solitaire?

  • Click on the Klondike Solitaire Game.
  • You’ll see the following option on the menu page:
  • Settings Option: Settings option helps you to make changes in the Klondike Cards Game. You can see several options when you click on the settings option, if you make any change then it will automatically be saved.
    • Mute Option: You can mute the sound of Klondike Solitaire for avoiding noise.
    • Flip Single & 3 Cards: Through this option, you can flip cards one by one or three cards simultaneously.
    • $ option: This option will deduct the $ points when you place the cards in blank spaces.
    • Icons: With this option, you can change the icons of cards or replace the design of cards.
    • Background Changer: You can also change the background by selecting your favorite background.
    • Home option: By clicking on the Home option you can go back to the home page.
  • Scoring History: In this option, you can see the previous score and new game score with timing.
  • Calendar: You can also see the calendar option which will show months, dates, and years.
  • Play Option: Click on the Play option and it will start begins the Klondike Solitaire.
  • Once the game start begins you’ll see some options that might help you to play Klondike Solitaire:
    • Timer: The timer function start running when you start playing the Klondike Solitaire Online game.
    • Back Option: This game will help you to go back to the main page.
    • Hint Option: Show you the hints to win the Klondike Solitaire card game.
    • Settings Option: From this settings option you can also change the following settings.
    • Place Card Option: Through this option, it will automatically place the cards in the blank field.
  • You need to follow some rules and tricks to win the Klondike Solitaire Online.
  • Once you’ve done this with all four foundation piles, you win the game!

Tips to Win the Klondike Solitaire Card Game

Tip 1: Move an ace or deuce card to the foundation whenever you can because it helps you to win the card game. Move the Klondike Solitaire cards from the stockpile to the foundation.
Tip 2: If you see many more options then select the column that contains the highest number of cards. Move the Klondike Solitaire cards from the stockpile to the tableau.
Tip 3: Think before you’re moving the cards. Each pile represents a different suit and it should be filled in order to start with the Ace all the way to the king.
Tip 4: You can also use the undo function if you make the wrong move of cards. The best move is always the one that opens up other moves.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is Klondike Solitaire Free?

Yes, Klondike Solitaire Online is available for free on our website. It is 100% free and online so there is no need to download or pay any fee or charge. It is a single-player Klondike solitaire card game.

What are the columns in Klondike Solitaire?

The columns in Klondike solitaire online are known as Tableau. The objective of playing this solitaire game is to fill 4 foundation blanks by following the ascending sequence of the same suit.

How do you move cards in Klondike Solitaire?

There are three basic moves you can make to move the cards between the columns on the tableau. If you take any wrong move or turn then there is a undo option to undo the move.

Which is the best Klondike Solitaire?

The best is Free Klondike Solitaire Old style. You can play with your family and friends for enjoyment purposes. For getting access to play old-fashioned Klondike solitaire you need only a strong internet connection.

How many free cells are there in Klondike Solitaire?

The foundations consist of 4 free cells usable from the beginning of the card game. There are also some variations where you can play with two decks called Klondike solitaire 100% free turn 3 and three decks which is known as Triple Klondike Turn 3.

Is Klondike Solitaire the same as regular Solitaire?

No, it’s distinct from regular Solitaire because of tableau, the stacks of cards in descending order and Klondike Solitaire is a variation of classic Klondike solitaire patience card game solitaire.

Can you play Klondike Solitaire Online?

Play Klondike Solitaire online on your desktop or Android web browser. If you’re playing in Klondike Solitaire free version then there is no need to download and register email to undo the moves.


Klondike Solitaire is an amazing solitaire card game that leads to arranging the cards in ascending order. You win Klondike Solitaire by building all four suits up from ace to king. Our website offers you the updated version of this amazing card game on any web browser.

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